You’ve likely heard the term before – Raving Fans. But, who are they, where do these raving fans come from and how can you get some of your own? Those are the big questions for expert coaches.
The superstar coach, Tony Robbins, puts it this way, “Raving fans aren’t just customers. They are customers who are obsessed with your brand and your business.” That’s a pretty good definition. As an example, think about people obsessed with everything Disney. They visit the parks regularly, know all the characters by heart and have various pieces of Disney-branded products in their homes. These are raving Disney fans! Wouldn’t we all like some of these fans for our businesses?

So, where do they come? The good news is that they come from your client base. Every one of your clients, past and present, is a potential raving fan. They are those clients who have taken what you taught them and used it to create positive change in their life.

Now that you know you have potential raving fans already, the next question is, how do you identify them and nurture them so they become actual raving fans. Search for “raving fans” in Google and you’ll find lots of articles that tell you that the way to create these fans is to have extraordinary customer service. That sounds great, but seems time-consuming and expensive. Most expert coaches don’t have a large organization or budget to support them. So, how do these expert coaches create extraordinary customer service? It turn out that it doesn’t have to bankrupt you if you understand how most coaching clients define it.

For expert coaches, we can deliver extraordinary customer service by simply helping our clients get into action and get the results they want. Isn’t it results that your clients really want? Isn’t that why they decided to work with you in the first place? Clients who use your coaching to get results that transform their business and life will likely see you and your services as amazing, incredible, life-changing. These same clients will tout you and your business to their friends and acquaintances. Other people will see the change your expertise has made in them and ask how they did it. They will tell everyone they meet that they have to meet you. In other words, they will become your raving fans!

Whether or not a client becomes a raving fan all hinges on whether or not they got the results they wanted from their work with you. Rather than simply facilitating a webinar, course or live event and then letting your clients apply what you teach on their own, why not help them get into action? By focusing on getting your clients into action so that they get the results they want, every one of your clients can become your raving fan. And that’s the very best win-win for an expert coach!