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Where do we start? Johnell and I have spent most of our professional lives both coaching our own clients and partnering with other coaches to support their clients. During our combined 50+ years in and around the coaching business we have created products, services and programs that have earned more than $75 million for businesses of all sizes.
We have also raised two sons and we’re grandparents to six amazing grandkids. Along with the coaches we work with, it is our grandkids who inspire and challenge us every day. We are advocates for education in all its forms, and believe that great coaching is the catalyst for a great future.
Results Unleashed is both the culmination of our life’s work and the legacy that we’ll leave to our grandchildren.

Johnell McCauley

Founder & Director, Marketing & Customer Succes

Michael McCauley

Founder & Director, Product Development & Support

“Great coaching is the catalyst for creating a world that inspires us all to experience the very best in life.”

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