Benefits and Features

Get the Results Unleashed app into your clients’ hands and start reaping the benefits right away!

What Your Clients Need

Results Unleashed gives your clients what they need when they need it to encourage engagement and actions that lead to results.

Personalized with Your Branding

The Results Unleashed app is white labeled. It’s all about the customer experience – your branding, your colors and your content!

One Tap Connection to You

Results Unleashed keeps you “top-of-mind” with your clients. Your name is part of the main menu so they can reach you with a single tap

Monetize Your Content

You are in control of who subscribes to your Success Decks. Provide them as a value add to existing programs or as products on their own.

You control when and how your clients see your content

Create a compelling sales message about the feature. Highlight the key attributes and major benefits.

  • Give clients one action item at a time
  • Send Success Cards to clients on your schedule
  • Sync content delivery to your programs

Your branded app without the time and money to develop it

Apps are expensive and time consuming to develop. Your clients will see Results Unleashed as “your” app with your branding, logo, colors, and content.

  • Use provided background graphics or upload your own
  • Add your logo to each Success Card
  • Your name appears on the main menu at the bottom of all pages
  • Coach Page in app connects your clients to you with your name, headshot, description and links

Friendly Coach Portal puts you in control

Everything at your fingertips! The Results Unleashed Coach Portal is web-based and gives you access to your Success Decks, your private labeling, and your subscribers 24/7.

  • Create Success Decks using graphics provided or upload your own
  • Use any of the 20+ fonts available
  • Update your branding at any time
  • Review your subscribers to see who is engaged and which Success Cards they value most

“As a coach, I know it’s possible for my clients to get the results they are looking for if they just take action. And I know I can’t always be there to give them the nudge they need. The Results Unleashed app is a great tool to remind my clients what they should be focusing on when I can’t be there with them. The app expands my reach and impact and allows me to leverage my time more effectively.”

Monetize your Success Decks

Results Unleashed lets you use Success Decks as value-add to existing programs or monetize them as products on their own

  • Results Unleashed app free to install from App Store and Google Play
  • To subscribe to a Success Deck, client must have subscription code you provide
  • You keep 100% of any revenue generated by Success Deck sales

Keep track of your clients’ engagement

You want to know who is making progress and who needs additional help. Results Unleashed puts subscriber metrics at your fingertips

  • See when each client subscribed to each of your decks
  • See which Success Cards they find most valuable
  • Collect each subscribers contact information

“In today’s distracted digital world, the Results Unleashed app is an easy-to-use tool that allows me to stay top of mind and give my clients specific, timely, strategic reminders that focus them on taking action to get the results they desire and that I know are possible.”

More Features

Customer Focus

  • Range of plans and price points
  • Comprehensive, self-paced training program
  • Monthly coaching calls


  • Fonts & graphics included
  • No limit on uploading your own graphics
  • You control branding & Success Card format

Complete Solution

  • Mobile app for your clients
  • Web-based Coach Portal for you
  • Feedback on usage